Ukrainian crisis


I’m originally from Ukraine. And the last few months have probably been the hardest since 1991 – proclaiming independence. When euromaidan started, no one knew, where we would end up. Criminal authority, massive corruption – thats reality. 23 years of independence -it a lot, but clearly not enough for the country with USSR in the past. With no exagaration, most of problems, most issues, that we got now, we inherited from that monstrious country.
The events of the last couple months have showed – this is just the start, beginning of a bloody war with old demons. And its not just words – blood happened. We will always remember Heroes, who died for freedom.
It was hard to believe, that in  21 st century with all the development, new technologies, numerous conventions about human rights, freedom – we are still in the same place and nothing has really changed. People die, rights become violated, countries got occupied (At least one example – Georgia in 2008). And most importantly, those, who promised to guarantee security,are watching it and they ignore it.
In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapon ( 4th potencial in the world – after USA, Russia and China) and proclaimed itself as nuclear free, peaceful country. In the case of war intervention or any other military threat USA, Great Britain and Russia guaranted help and support. It was a noble act of a new country and, in my opinion, mistake number one, followed by many others.
Now Russia is the one, who threatens us and the rest of the world as well, even if the rest of the world still don’t realise it. But eventually they will, because like in the case of Germany, ruled by Hitler, the monster will rise and try to consume everything alive around him. Ignoring the small issues – is repeating the scenario, which caused wars.
I’ve never considered Russians as our enemies before, but now i’m saying – they are our enemies. We might not be in best place, but Ukraine is not Russia, i’ve seen people fighting for their freedom as it was their life. And some of them did put their lives for that. We will never forget that.


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