Power of media


When I started going to journalism school, I honestly didn’t realised, how actually important mass media are.
Yes, they create public opinion, critisize government, control authority. Yes, it is very important to show real situation, to provide objective explanation of current and past events – theory, we used to study in the class.
But in the same timeI was thinking, this cannot be true, that people believe all the crap, they see on TV.
Most actually do. They don’t care too much and believe in what they want to believe. Even with the development of social networks, numerous blogs and all kinds of new technologies, newspapers and TV-channels still play a huge role in forming the society.
When euromaidan started, I realised, how many of my neighbours don’t know, what is really going on. A lot don’t have internet connection, so they are watching cable TV – channels, owned by our former authority – criminals and killers. Those weren’t news – just a show with not a single word of actual truth.
Another example – Russian mass media nowadays. There are no words to explain, how much dirt I’ve read in the last two weeks. I have an e-mail account at the source mail.ru. So from time to time I would read couple articles. They are provocative and very subjective, but the worst part is readers comments underneath the materials. 400 comments about how horrible we, Ukrainians, and the rest of the world are – that is a little too much. Once I posted a comment, actually a polite one, and was banned from the source for two days.
In USSR time this kind of stuff was called propaganda and it worked perfectly well, influencing society, making viewers real zombies. As russian president is trying to resurrect USSR from the dead, he is using the same deadly tools.
They are saying, we are benderovtsy, fascists, terrorists, who are eating children, drinking blood, killing innocent policemen. Europe and USA are true evil, which are slowly going to their end and deserve it.
It may sound really funny, because some news are just ridiculous (even in the worst scenario, we are not fascists and do not eat children), but majority believes it. The consequences of such propaganda might be very prolonged and dangerous.


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